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Our market is constantly changing, and some firms can become stagnant—but not Brilliant Tax & Accounting Services. We pride ourselves on being a CPA firm at the forefront of education, technical expertise, and up-to-date financial information so that we can provide you with the best and most informed advice.

This is just one of the reasons that our team of professional tax accountants and consultants is one of the best in the Los Angeles and Glendale area. Another reason is that we put our clients first, with outstanding attention to detail and years of experience. We are extremely fast to respond to inquiries, and we provide nothing but the absolute best in tax services and financial accounting.

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Through diligence and ingenuity, we have set ourselves apart in the industry. We are easily adaptable to a wide variety of clients, and we can help you no matter what your financial situation may be. This is only possible through our extreme dedication and fast-paced response.

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Our philosophy at Brilliant Tax & Accounting Services is that our clients should receive the greatest quality of service available in the industry. This is why we focus on the three most important avenues of service: professionalism, responsiveness, and quality. Our priority is to provide you with solid and applicable advice so that you have options in order to make the decisions that will benefit you the most.

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Varos Babakhanians - Managing Partner @ Brilliant Tax

Varos Babakhanians, CPA

Managing Partner
varoscpa@brillianttax.com Tel: (818) 500-5100
Alen Babakhanians - Managing Partner @ Brilliant Tax

Alen Babakhanians, E.A.

Managing Partner
alen@brillianttax.com Tel: (818) 500-5100


We are proud to continually advance our expertise in the field of accounting and tax services. If you’re looking for a certified CPA firm or professional tax accountant, you’ve found the right place for your needs!

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