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Did you know that tax services can go beyond just having a tax return preparer take care of your taxes for you? When you choose to have a tax accountant CPA also properly handle your tax planning throughout the year, you can end up saving thousands.

Tax planning is a longer-term process where our team can help you to better plan for and benefit from upcoming tax returns. It’s different than tax preparation in that it requires a higher level of engagement between you and your CPA. Tax planning goes further than tax preparing, and it’s an on-going process. Remember, it’s not just how much you make—it’s also how much you get to keep.

With tax planning, we will be able to fully analyze your previous tax returns, give you advice on how you can get improved returns in the future, and become more tax efficient. Those seeking both personal and business tax planning services rely on our skills and experience at Brilliant Tax & Accounting Services in order to develop proactive tax planning strategies.

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Our goal through tax planning is to make sure that you pay the minimal amount of taxes possible each year with our help. We understand current tax laws, complex tax code, and we constantly educate ourselves by attending tax seminars and staying on top of the newest changes to the laws.

Our Tax Planning Strategies Include

  • Minimizing the amount that you have to pay in taxes
  • Deferring income so you can keep money in your account now and pay less in taxes later
  • Reducing income taxes to better increase your profits
  • Reducing taxes on your estate so your family benefits more from your life’s earnings
  • Lowering the taxes on your gifts so you can give and donate more
  • Lowering your investment taxes so you can show a healthier return on your investment
  • Reducing retirement distribution taxes so that you can have a higher quality of life when you decide to stop working

Always make sure that effective tax planning is a part of your tax process. Tax preparation may get the filing done, but tax planning helps you minimize the amount of taxes you’ll have to pay.

Remember, at Brilliant Tax & Accounting Services, we don’t work for the IRS—we work for you. Our job is to save you money through properly-done tax planning. Our expertise and focus on personal attention makes us one of the best certified public accountant firms in the Los Angeles and Glendale areas, so contact us to find out how our CPAs can help you!

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