An Accountant That Cares About Your Success

There are many important factors in determining whether or not your accountant cares about your success. Hiring any run of the mill accountant can be a poor investment, but an accountant that is devoted to your business or personal account can be an invaluable asset in ensuring your financial success.

Some of the most critical things to be asking in determining whether or not your accountant cares about your success are as follows:

  • Is the service delivered in a timely fashion? If your CPA is not getting you the newest data quickly, then their services are obsolete. Data can become useless if is more than 10-30 days old.
  • Are you always dealing with the same person? You should ideally be speaking with the same CPA, that can help get to know your business and understand the way you operate.
  • What other services does your CPA offer you? A good CPA should be more than just a data entry clerk. They need to be advising you in your daily operations.
  • Is your accountant saving you money? If your accountant has helped you generate a better profit, and is simply an added expenditure, you should seek out a new CPA that can help you begin to turn a better profit. This should also be heavily noticeable during tax season when your accountant should be finding innovative and unique solutions to paying the minimum possible.
  • Is your CPA tech savvy? Has your CPA helped you install Quickbooks and other software programs, and has your CPA trained you in how to use these programs?
  • Who are your CPA’s other clients? Find out if your CPA has had similar clients in the past. You wouldn’t want to hire a CPA that specializes in personal finances for a small business venture.
  • What are your CPA’s credential? Tax professionals generally are Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), enrolled agents (AEs), or unenrolled preparers. Find out your accountant’s credentials!
  • What is your CPA’s policy on returning phone calls? If your CPA isn’t returning your calls in a timely fashion, then it’s time to reevaluate your working relationship with this individual. This is a key sign that your CPA doesn’t care about your business. Make sure your CPA is available during hours that you need help!
  • How long have you been a CPA? Experience is the test of a CPA that can make the difference and an inexperienced individual likely to be a liability to your business. Likely the most important question is making sure you have an experienced CPA on your side.

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