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We can discuss how our experienced team of CPAs, EAs and Financial Planners can help you make your practice more profitable, whilst reducing tax obligations and creating a plan for greater financial independence.

We’re one of the only Los Angeles’ firm dedicated to working with dental professionals with accountants and financial planners under one roof.

Our Profitable Practice Planning Session comes with no further obligation. If you want to follow the plan yourself, that’s fine. But if you’re impressed and want to go further, we can help make all the arrangements, liaise with your current accountants and get you moving faster towards your financial goals.

Reserve your free Profitable Practice Planning Session:

  • Meet with a qualified CPA / EA and a CFP for 60 minutes to assess how much money you are leaving on the table, improve your tax savings and discuss a more lucrative financial plan to retire earlier with more money. Valued at $500.
  • If you love our plan, we can discuss an easy transition to working with Brilliant Tax….Or you can keep the plan and implement it yourself. No obligation.

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