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We cannot stress the importance of proper Tax Preparation. Most often hundreds—or even thousands!—of dollars of Los Angeles and Glendale client’s hard earned money are being overpaid or under-refunded. A computer software program is often unequipped to tailor personal tax returns for the client the way our firm is geared.

Your individual Tax Return could be missing a hearty amount because you weren’t aware of obscure legislation or programs that can benefit you personally in a profound way. According to a recently released study by the US Government’s Accounting Office, 71 million tax payers (77%) believed they benefited from hiring a tax specialist.

The laws have grown more and more complex every year. Filing a relatively simple tax return can boggle the mind, and deductions can be overlooked, and you may be entitled to credits or refunds to which you were unaware! The IRS will not inform you if you overpay!

Our Tax Preparation Services include

Tax returns are thoroughly scrutinized and then rechecked by our experts, and our computer analysis, to identify potential problems before the IRS sees your taxes, ensuring your experience with the IRS is hassle free.

Your tax refund will arrive quicker because of our electronic filing platform.

Our experts in the field can instruct you in how to adjust your payroll withholding to get greater funds back each week. There’s no need to give the IRS free money that won’t be refunded for 16 months!

We will also employ our expertise in instructing you on potential deductions thereby limiting your tax liability the following year. Also, we will give you an easily-referenced sheet of the most commonly overlooked tax deductions, also limiting next year’s liability.

If your Books are a mess—that’s not an issue!—We can help you if you have a small business and you have not been able to upkeep your bookkeeping. We’ll prepare your bookkeeping, prepare a full Schedule C, prepare your personal tax return, and then we can help you set up an easy system that allows for an organized tax return the following year!

Let us help you with your Personal Tax Returns, Individual Tax Returns, or any and all Tax Preparation. We service the entire Los Angeles and Glendale community.

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“The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax. – Albert Einstein

Choosing Brilliant Tax & Accounting Services to be your financial accounting partner brings years of knowledge and experience to your business model instantly.


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