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Personal attention is crucial in building and maintaining your personal wealth. With our firm, you can rest assured in receiving personal attention and guidance in developing a comprehensive financial plan made to minimize risk and ensure growth and longevity of your personal wealth.

Estate Planning shouldn’t have to be a hassle. We can help you in this regard! Our highly qualified professionals are some of the best in Los Angeles and Glendale. We can find the best Estate Planner for you in setting up an estate. For a FREE Consultation, please send us your information below!

Our firm has some of the most experienced and successful financial planners in the Los Angeles and Glendale area. Trust in Brilliant Tax & Accounting Services for all your personal and commercial financial planning. Our Los Angeles and Glendale based Financial Planners are the best at helping you with your Financial Planning.

Our services include:

Retirement Services—Our firm will help you identify the best path to ensure a fruitful and prosperous retirement by analyzing your assets and your sources of retirement income, reviewing possible pitfalls and the general vicissitudes of the market. We will help you develop alternative financial strategies in helping to address these potential pitfalls so that your savings are secure for years to come.

Child’s College Education—College is becoming more and more expensive each year. Without a strategic plan for how to pay tuition, one can get stuck in debt for decades. We will help ensure your child receives an education by addressing possible pitfalls, and developing a savings plan geared toward your financial situation.

Disability—In ensuring a healthy emergency fund, you can protect yourself in the unfortunate event of a disability. We will help analyze insurance coverage (health, life, disability, home, and auto), and we will help you review your will with a multitude of powers of attorney designed to care for you and your needs in the event that you cannot manage them personally.

Investment—Our firm specializes in the identification of the steps needed in the maximization of your investment returns, and minimization of risks, while better predicting the returns of your investments.

Passing Assets to Heirs—We can help you establish a healthy inheritance for your heirs by evaluating the net worth of your estate, professional fees, saving you tax dollars, and court costs. We’ll also help minimize the negative impacts to your estate, such as: costs to creditors, probate, lawyers, and estate taxes. A well formulated plan is essential to help you rest assured that when you should pass, your assets will be transferred smoothly to those you care about. Let us help.

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

Our Los Angeles and Glendale based Financial Planners are the best in the market. Let us help you with your Financial Planning. Request a FREE Consultation by filling out the form on this page.


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