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Our firm’s Business Tax Services are recognized among the best in the Los Angeles and Glendale area. Our firm can help you with your company’s needs, be they finding the right Quickbooks Accountant, help with Small Business Accounting, or setting up your Business Cash Management system. If you are looking for a Quickbooks Accountant to help you with your Small Business Accounting, Brilliant Tax & Accounting Services can help you in this regard.

We offer services in:

• Explaining why one should use Quickbooks
• Quickbooks training in the software itself
• Tips, shortcuts, and tricks of Quickbooks
• Setting up your Quickbooks account and installation
• Answering any Quickbooks questions at the moment in which they arise. We are just a phone call or email away

Cash Flow Management

Having a positive cash flow is the mark of a successful business. You want more cash coming in than you are spending. Our Business Cash Management is unparalleled in the Los Angeles and Glendale area.

Brilliant Tax & Accounting Services Can Help You:

Identify your cash needs before they arise

Find sources of income to meet your cash needs

Keep good relations with bankers, creditors, and investors so as to meet these cash needs when they arise
One of the key factors in successful Cash Flow Management is a precise and methodical cash flow projection. We can help you develop a reliable cash flow projection both in the short term (weekly and monthly projections), and also in the long run (annual, 3-5 year cash flow projections). We can also help you prepare cash flow statements of your past expenditures so you are aware of where your money was spent historically.

In addition to the accurate cash flow projections, we provide:
• Help in securing an appropriate line of credit
• Techniques for accelerating cash collection
• The development of effective, proven and tested collection policies
• The development of effective, proven and tested payment policies
• Help in securing the highest rate of possible return on your idle cash

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“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

Choosing Brilliant Tax & Accounting Services to be your financial accounting partner brings years of knowledge and experience to your business model instantly.


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