Planning & Structure Are Everything

Have you considered owning your own business but don’t know where to start? New Business Formation in Los Angeles and Glendale ensures the rewards that come with a successful business, the right paths have to be determined so as not to lead away from your ultimate financial goal. Forming a Corporation in California is a complex procedure. However our firm provides top-tier Business Incorporation Help recognized as stellar in our field.

A strategic Business Plan is vital in the early formation of your business to achieve your goals. Whether you are starting a new venture, product, or service in Los Angeles or Glendale, Brilliant Tax & Accounting Services is the right business firm for you. We service many new small businesses and even current yet expanding organizations and corporations. Mergers and acquisitions also require a finely tuned Strategic Plan. So let us help you.

We provide a carefully and methodically arranged Strategic Business Plan that will help you to define your company, your goals, the competition, your management structure, the financial sustainability, and your ultimate business risks. These financial plans will ensure your ability to effectively predict upcoming dilemmas before they strike. The more methodological the Strategic Business Plan, the deeper its contribution to your company’s success!

Our Strategy Plan Allows:

• The identification and description of the target customer profile, featuring the qualities, advantages and benefits of your new business enterprise

• Verify the solidity of your business venture

• Develop a marketing plan including a fully mapped out plan for target proposal campaigns and subsequent timelines. Our clients also have the ability to examine the market conditions and predicted return from your promotional campaigns, assess the nature of your target demographic, your competitor’s strategies, and the overall potential of your venture.

• Develop a plan for your staff including identifying beneficial attributes of your employees, and assessing the experience necessary to assign managerial and supervisory positions.

• Develop managerial plans and guidelines as well as timelines for implementation.

• Indicate startup costs, costs to maintain operation, revenue, profits for the next 3-5 years. Seeking funding for a startup venture requires an in depth analysis, and lending institutions and private investors require this kind of analysis before even considering investing.

• Set timelines for company milestones such as product development and releases

• Establish what you have in the way of building and equipment needs, vendors, and cost estimates.

We Can Help You:

• Develop a strategic business plan for a better marketing, management, and financial outline

• Determine the amount of capital needed to start your business. We can help you identify these sources and backup sources as well

• Evaluate the borrowing power you have so as to better assess how much money you can receive

• Fine-tune a business structure, tailored for your needs, considering tax advantages, legal exposure, ease of operation, and mobility should relocation be required

• Looking at your needs, we can help you select the right business software and hardware tailored to your budget

• Select a Cash Flow Budget so that you have precise plans on exactly how much money will be required to keep the business alive, so that you aren’t caught with an unexpected expenditure

• Setup billing and collection procedures so that your time is free for more important matters

• Prepare a home office geared toward saving you money in the form of tax deductions

• Fill out and file ALL required state and local licenses

• Distribute payroll and payroll tax filing when the first employees are hired

• Fill out and send in your application for your Federal Employer Identification Number

• Ensure that your business is operating completely legitimately in accordance with employment laws, so that you aren’t hit with fines later

• Identify and select the correct business insurance tailored for your business’s particular needs

• Develop a solid Partnership Agreement if multiple parties are in involved in new partnerships, this can prevent both professional and personal stress down the line.

“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

Choosing Brilliant Tax & Accounting Solutions to be your financial accounting partner brings years of knowledge and experience to your business model instantly.


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